PDF417 Barcode Reader For National Identification Card Nicaragua

The Nicaragua national ID card printed with PDF417 code,the PDF417 code includes some personal information such as name, birthday...,to read this PDF417 code can get those personal data. But the code is very big size and high density,  common PDF417 readers can not read it.

Now you have the PDF417 reader RT300 and the kiosk PDF417 reader RT301!

These two readers are specially designed for PDF417 (readable others codes too.) reading from ID card or driver's license, they read these kinds of big size and high density PDF417 code quickly and easily. (Note:some information inside the PDF417 code is encrypted,the reader will get broken data unless you have the decryption license).

Learn About the PDF417 reader RT300

Android Mobile MRZ reader / OCR-B reader for Passport, ID cards, Driver’s license

The RT930-OCR is a handheld mobile MRZ reader for passport/ ID card and driver’s license, with powerful OCR engine, the RT930-OCR can read OCR-B MRZ ( machine readable zone) data—- the ICAO 9303 compliant ID documents such as ID card, passport, visa, driver’s license.The MRZ usually includes information like nationality, name, birthday, document expiry date, ID numbers, with the RT930-OCR, we can get these personal data quickly and accurately so as to highly speed up the personal data collection. And finally, the scanned data can be store “locally” in the scanner, or can be transfer to remote service computer via 3G /4G or Wi-Fi, Bluetooth communication.


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