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Currently, more and more Self-Service machines are applied with barcode scanners, which increase efficiency and user experience. Here we introduce applications of Hospitals/ Metro station/ Apartment/ Cinema/ Vending machines, etc. By which you can refer to how they use the barcode scanners and what kinds of barcode scanners are applied. We hope all this information is helpful and can be a good reference for your business and projects.

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Self-service Locker

Japan is a country where tourism is prevalent. With a large number of tourists, it means a potential huge need for luggage storage.

> In Japan, especially tourists not only prefer smart self-service lockers but also usually store large luggage for a long time!

> At the same time, tourists are increasingly relying on self-service smart lockers. Due to the increasing demand for storing luggage, there are still tourists who wouldn’t find lockers in the market.

Access Control

A paperless revolution has quietly taken place since mobile phones have become a huge part of our lives. Traditional paper bills have gradually been replaced with 2 dimension bar codes shown on the screen. Especially in the access control area. In this essay, we will further discuss the QR code application in turnstiles.


In China mainland, the smart application via QR code is very popular and widely used in all fields, and one of those samples is in fast food chain brand,like KFC and McDonald.

KFC benefits a lot from this advanced technology,like saving the cost,less labor, more accurate management,etc.

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Metro Station

This application is now very common/popular in China, you don’t need to queue to buy a ticket, only reads the QR code on your mobile phone with a scanner. The barrier will open, and the starting point will be recorded at the same time, and passengers can pay the fare via their mobile phones when they leave the terminal, which is convenient and fast.


Currently different kinds of Self-Service machines are popular used in hospitals for Appointment service, Payment Services, Taking medical reports. All these Self-services request a simple and fast operation which are normally operated by scanning a barcode from Patients’ Phone screen or Paper report.


In order to make the life of people more convenient, barcode scanners are nowadays widely used in various places, such as in the cinema.

Access Control

Currently, there are many barcode scanner solutions used in the office building for access control. All these Self-services request a simple and fast operation which are normally operated by scanning a barcode from a visitor’s phone screen.

Fast Food Locker

The mailman picks up the meal from the restaurant and sends it to the self-pickup terminal downstairs in the customer’s office, and then sends a message with a QR code to inform the customer, the customer can pick up the meal directly by scanning the QR code, it is very convenient and quick.


Nowadays in China Self-service vending machines are more and more used for selling water, snacks, tickets, orange juice, coffee etc. With a self-service machine in the Apartment building, we don’t need a shopkeeper anymore and everyone can buy the commodities quickly and easily even in the late-night time without waiting and disturbing others. It is a great convenience and good service for everyone lived around.


Locker is quite popular used in many communities here in China. With 2D barcode scanner embedded in the locker terminal device, the courier can quickly scan the barcode on parcels to open the locker then parcels can be stored there for recipients to pick up.

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