RTscan Full Products List

Each of RTscan Bar code reader with outstanding feature:

RT200,  RT203, RT206,RT207, RT208, RT209, RT210 and RT211 are small  barcode scan module for all kinds of terminals embedded use, can read code either from phone screen or from  paper.

RT220, RT230H, RT231, RT231N and RT234 are fixed mount barcode scanners which designed for kiosk/ ATM terminal embedded and fixed use. 

IDE237 and IDE302 can read the OCR-B font & MRZ (Machine readable zone) in ID card/ passport

IDE237, RT300 and RT301 readable big size and high density barcode from ID card or driver's license,For example: Chile ID card,Canada driver's license, Pakistan ID card...., RT301 with the same function of RT300, but designed for kiosk embedded use;

RT830B and RT870 are fixed mount and embedded use 2d readers for near distance bar code reading, very ideal for application of transportation ticketing, turnstile, barcode payment, etc.

RT830A, RT850, RT860 are large view 2d bar code readers for desktop use, ideal for mobile barcode payment, in retail stores, restaurants, bars, supermarket.




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