RTscan Full Products List

Each of RTscan Bar code reader with outstanding feature: RT200, RT206,RT207, RT208 and RT209 are small  barcode scan module for all kinds of terminals embedded use, can read code either from phone screen or from  paper; RT220, RT230H, RT231, and RT232 are fixed mount barcode scanners which designed for kiosk/ ATM terminal embedded and fixed use.

RT209, RT300 and RT800P readable big size and high density barcode from ID card or driver's license,For example: Chile ID card,Canada driver's license, Pakistan ID card...., RT301 with the same function of RT300, but designed for kiosk embedded use; RT330 is long range (as far as 300 meters away) 2d wireless barcode scanner.

RT920 and RT930 are handheld PDA data terminals; RT930-OCR is mobile MRZ reader for passport and ID card , driver's license, RT940 is Android smart POS terminal and the IDE100 is mobile biometric scanner terminal with FBI/ FIPS finger print sensor.





After years development, RTscan has established partnership with lots of first-class distributors and system integrators worldwide, and also applied its products in many projects.