South Africa driver license PDF417 Scanner

The South Africa driver's license printed with PDF417 code,the PDF417 code includes some personal information such as name, birthday...,to read this PDF417 code can get those personal data. But the code is very big size and high density,  common PDF417 readers can not read it.

Now you have the PDF417 reader RT300 and the kiosk PDF417 reader RT301!

These two readers are specially designed for PDF417 (readable others codes too.) reading from ID card or driver's license, they read these kinds of big size and high density PDF417 code quickly and easily. (Note:some information inside the PDF417 code is encrypted,the reader will get broken data unless you have the decryption license).

Learn About the PDF417 reader RT300


Kiosk South Africa driver license PDF417 Scanner

If you are finding a 2d and PDF417 reader for identification document for kiosk or desktop use,this barcode reader would be your good choice.

It detect the barcode and read it automatically, this free our hand and we no need to trigger the scanning manually. This make it ideal for kiosk use.

It can decode high density and big size barcode, and especially for the PDF417 code which printed in ID card or driver's license,the code is big and high density, a common bar code reader can not read it, but this reader RT301 can do it! 

Learn About the kiosk PDF417 reader


See the reader's performance for reading the PDF417 code from ID document.

Note:  In the video, the card is south Africa driver's license, the PDF417 code is big size and high density, and in addition, the card with a little reflation because of it plastic material ,and a common barcode reader can not read this kinds of code.But now, we have the RT300, the high resolution PDF417 reader (also readable QR,DM and most of 1D bar code).

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