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After years, plenty of clients have applied RTscan’s barcode scanner modules in their Kiosk / ATM / POS / PDA / Robot terminals, and with so many times support we have done for our clients , we saw lots of different way by which clients design and fix the barcode scanner modules inside their terminals, and today we think it’s time that we list some examples here, this could be a good reference for you:


A. Some done as below: 

Advantage: save space in kiosk

Disadvantage: make user confusing about the distance between the bar code and the barcode scanner module,  this is because we need to ensure the bar code image inside the range of view of the scanner. For example, for a big size bar code, if the user put the bar code very near to the scanner module, then the scanner will can not “see” the full size of the bar code so as to it will can not decode the bar code.


B. Some others done as below: 

Advantage:   very user friendly ! the user just need to put the bar code in the slot , no need worry near or far.

Disadvantage: take big space in the kiosk.

If your terminal with enough space , then this would be a good way.


C. Below examples are some of the most usual ways which used by lots of clients:


D. Projects Showcase :

Below some other projects cases which applied RTscan’s barcode scanner modules





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