2D Barcode Scanner Payment Solution

Nowadays in China Self-service vending machines are more and more used for selling water, snacks, tickets, orange juice, coffee etc. With a self-service machine in the Apartment building, we don’t need a shopkeeper anymore and everyone can buy the commodities quickly and easily even in the late-night time without waiting and disturbing others. It is a great convenience and good service for everyone lived around.

The 2D barcode scanner embedded in the machine helps to facilitate the service process. Users just show easily a payment QR code in front of the scanner to pay the order then the cabinet will be opened immediately to let people take things away. The stable quality and fast reading barcode scanner is quite important, therefore we recommend you our RT870 , RT830C and RT235 which are ideal for this application as they can read barcodes automatically and sensitively for situations like phone screen at even low brightness, paper/ticket barcodes even in very dim illumination area, barcodes showed in a wide reading range.

RTscan has similar scanners that can be used in this kind of solution, please refer to:
RT870:https://www.rtscan.net/Code-Readers/embedded-2d-code-reader-rt870/ RT830C:https://www.rtscan.net/Code-Readers/fixed-mount-embedded-kiosk-barcode-scanner-rt830c/ RT235:https://www.rtscan.net/Code-Readers/small-oem-2d-fixed-mount-barcode-scanner-rt235/

—RTscan’s new generation fixed-mount 2d barcode scanner in 2022!
The RT240 combines several great designs and improvements: eye protection cover and LED; easy installation brackets; REACH certified (also CE FCC ROHS); embedded with state-of-the-art and high-performance scan engine inside, RT240 performs great to read most types of 1D, 2D, and QR codes from both paper and phone screen.

25 January 2022

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