QR code scanners for turnstiles

24 January 2022

A paperless revolution has quietly taken place since mobile phones have become a huge part of our lives. Traditional paper bills have gradually been replaced with 2 dimension bar codes shown on the screen. Especially in the access control area. In this essay, we will further discuss the QR code application in turnstiles.

What is the QR code turnstile?

The QR code scanner is embedded in the pedestrian turnstile gate to open the gate. QR code turnstile uses the QR code scanning method to open the gate and achieve the purpose of controlling personnel access.

Instead of rummaging around your bag or pockets, you just walk to the turnstile, open your mobile app, and scan your QR code. It is more convenient compared to the traditional turnstile. 

Apart from convenience, there are more benefits to using QR code turnstiles.

  • QR code turnstile help to manage the visiting systems.
  • QR codes turnstile empower patrons to check themselves into a place, keeping the social distance. Contactless ticket checking is also safer during the pandemic era.
  • Good visitors experiences: you can scan the QR code without queuing for registration, saving time. 
  • Prevent unidentified persons from entering relevant areas to ensure environmental safety.
  • Reduce staffing requirements. One staff can monitor several devices at the same time. 

QR codes on tickets are useful for a range of events, especially for leisurely activities, concerts, and arts event. They can be used as a one-off scan for entrance to an event and can be produced in bulk for the registration of many people to events.


Building visitor management, tourist sites, Gyms, arenas, theaters, aquariums, museums, multi-purpose facilities, and other live entertainment and hospitality venues.


Case 1: Turnstile in Gym

The above turnstile was a successful case RTSCAN worked with our client. It’s installed in the front door of the Gym. Members can simply scan the QR code generated by the phone app to enter the gym. 

Advantages of the solution: 

  • Set members free from membership cards.
  • Reduce staff for ticket checking. 
  • Stop unidentified persons from entering the Gym
  • Help gym manages the members’ work-out times. 

Case 2: Indoor Children’s playground.

This is a well-designed turnstile with 2 different heights adjusting for both adults and children. Children can help themselves check in.

How to use:  

  1. The clients have their QR code generation platform.
  2. They will provide the QR code to their members.
  3. The members will get the QR code to scan on the turnstile gate.
  4. The turnstile will respond if the gate should open or stay closed.、

Products and solutions:

  • -read both Paper and screen
  • -automatic reading & Command trigger
  • -sensitive detection and fast reading

It is suitable for all kinds of kiosks, ATMs, ticket terminals, turnstiles, and medical devices.

  • -All types of 1D/2D bar codes, including Aztec, and MaxiCode.
  • -optimized for reading bar codes from a mobile phone.
  • -embed the scanner under glass, ensuring dust-proof and rain-proof.
  • – Capable to read both Barcode & NFC
  • – Multiple installation methods for embedded use.
  • – Support WIFI communication.

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