Barcode Scanner of KFC Case

26 Apr 2022

In China mainland, the smart application via QR code is very popular and widely used in all fields, and one of those samples is in fast-food chain brands, like KFC and Mc Donald’s.

KFC benefits a lot from this advanced technology, like saving the cost, less labor, more accurate management, etc.


Traditional Long Queue
Smart QR Scanner


  1. the patronizers have to queue in long lines, which is time-wasting and annoying;
  2. The eaters have to choose their food and drink with the service of the clerks when they arrive at the desk, what’s more, various kinds of items will lead to a disorder of choice;
  3. After ordering, the clients have to wait for their food and probably miss the call by the broadcast in the noisy environment;
  4. Faced with the large quantifier of clients, the brands like KFC or Mc Donald’s do have difficulties running run a sound and healthy fans management, like the coupons distribution, the promotion activities, or new items notification;
  5. Intelligent cash register system: the clients pay with cash and the clerks have to give back the changes, which will also be time-consuming, and it also spreads the bacteria and viruses;
  6. Large quantity of foods leads the stock a difficulty, as the staff may need to spend a lot of time on the inventory and then replenishment;
  7. The clients cannot care more about the food security than before, so if they could know more details about the food, like the source, the production time, the expiration time, they will speak highly of the brand and be loyal to it.

How to use:

  1. Scan the official code from the official website or on the self-service kiosk screen, the patrons will be able to register as a membership, then they will click on the screen to get the food they like; 
  2. the patron could pay by following the above steps, and then pay directly by the mobile payment method; or if they order the food under the clerks’ help, they can pay by scanning from the desk/handheld scanner, with no need to waste the time of getting change, and no worry about bacteria spread; 
  3. the managers could scan the inventory code to know the storage as fast as they want, and ask for replenishment from the headquarter;
  4. On the enterprises’ side or the brands’ side, they will be able to run the company with high efficiency by those bar codes: easy to know the total number of the membership, get an overall view of those best-sellers, and when to publish the latest food/drink, etc.


RTscan is confident to offer the art-of-state scanner/module, but also the related technical support, like the software adaption and hardware design, as well as the accessories and installation.

For the self-service ordering food, we suggest the RT214 module be installed in the ordering machine, people just need a simple scanning to choose the food/drink with their preferences.

Or fixed mounted scanner RT240 could be installed under the table or the window will help the clients to order the food or keep trace with the food-picking, avoid wasting the time of being in a long queue.

For the clerks, they may need to scan the code from the client’s mobile devices, thus they need a handheld scanner, if it could be wireless, that would be more convenient.

We offer 3 years warranty on the scanner parts and long-term technical support from our professional engineers. (Accessories are not included, nor by man-made damage. )

Scanner Introduction:

~RT214 module

the ultra-small design allows it to be installed in most areas. And low battery consumption is perfect for the 24-hour fast food industry.

With RT214, the staff will find out the inventory condition in time and ask for replenishment from the headquarter.

~RT240 fixed mounted scanner

Two colors option:white or black

With the cover and the bracket, it makes 4 installation ways possible, optimizing the application

Scenarios–under the table or on the window, etc.

~RT332 wireless handheld scanner

Come with an elegant dolphin design and glaring surface, RT332 has a very outstanding appearance, with a 3-in-1 charging dock.

And it can be used under wireless conditions, as well as 2.4G via blue-tooth.

The high capacity battery of 2000mAh and offline inventory with 16MB memory flash will avoid charging or replace frequently.

Related Products:

—RTscan’s new generation fixed-mount 2d barcode scanner in 2022!
The RT240 combines several great designs and improvements: eye protection cover and LED; easy installation brackets; REACH certified (also CE FCC ROHS); embedded with state-of-the-art and high-performance scan engine inside, RT240 performs great to read most types of 1D, 2D, and QR codes from both paper and phone screen.

—The RT214 is outstanding for it’s ultra-small design, low power consumption and good performance for reading poor printed 1D/ 2D bar codes, bar codes on low brightness LCD screen, as well as on-screen bar codes even if it is covered with protective film.

Fast and accurate read bar codes
Bluetooth \ 2.4G \ wire 3-in-1
Intelligent fast charge
Smart 3-in-1 base: Stand, Charging, Wireless transmission
Elegant dolphin-shaped design
Build-in beeper and Vibration

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