Embedded 2D Barcode Scanner Using in Shenzhen Metro Station

Shenzhen Metro station case:

Today we are going to introduce you the QR code scanning application in the Shenzhen Metro Station. This application is now very common/popular in China, with this application, you don’t need to queue to buy a ticket, only reads the QR code on your mobile phone with a scanner. The barrier will open, and the starting point will be recorded at the same time, and passengers can pay the fare via their mobile phones when they leave the terminal, which is convenient and fast.

I hope this case can be used as a reference for companies in similar applications and industries, it will be very helpful.

The subway barrier uses a high-speed embedded scanner with a large screen, and the scanning light is always on, which is in the automatic sensing mode. When a passenger enters a subway station, simply opens the QR code on his mobile phone, the scanner quickly captures the code, and then opens the gate of the barrier. The passing speed is very fast, even in the morning/evening peak when there is a lot of people.

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24 January 2022

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