1D Code Bar Scanner

RTscan 1D code bar scanner serial includes:



Handheld 1d laser code bar scanner, portable wireless 1d laser code bar scanner terminal , 1d laser barcode scanner engine, Bluetooth 1d laser barcode scanner.Whatever you need a simple handheld 1d scanner for general use, or a 1d bluetooth scanner to work with your system via Bluetooth, or a simple and lower cost wireless 1d scan terminal with screen, battery to work alone, or a scan engine for embedded use, all can be found here:


barcode-scanning-module-RT103                                                                                   bluetooth-leitor-de-codigos-de-barras-RT102BT

RT103:  1d laser barcode scan engine                                                                               RT102BT: Bluetooth 1d laser barcode scanner



Lector-codigo-de-barras-Android                                                                                       barcode-scanner-with-screen-RTSCAN

RT102: Hand-held 1d laser code bar scanner                                                          RT105:  Wireless  1d laser code bar scanner