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  • Outstanding For Long 1D & PDF417 Barcode
  • Imager Sensor and Decoder Board built together


The RT209 is outstanding in term of reading those very longer 1d barcodes and also those big PDF417 code in ID documents (ID card, driver’s license, passport).

Application example:

1. For Long 1D barcode: 
In some countries, their mail express companies use express bill that printed very long 1d bar code, what’s more, the 1d code would be not clear enough, for this kind of situation, you would can not find too many (especially when you source from China) barcode scanners that can read those codes, then this RT209 is your good choice.

2. For ID documents PDF417 code:  
The RT209 also is optimized for reading big PDF417 code, so it can read those PDF417 bar codes from ID documents (not for all of countries’ ID).
If you have one project of access control for which you need to get a barcode scanner to read the big PDF417 code from the ID card/ driver’s license, then you have very limited choices. One choice is to buy from Honeywell/ Motorola, but of course the price will be high. Another choice is to source from China, but you would take very long time still you can’t find one unless you are lucky enough to find this RT209.

One important tip is:

For reading PDF417 code from ID documents, the RT209 only performs good in distance around 7cm-15cm ( It differs from different ID documents), so we have one suggestion for the mounting way like this:

Behind the kiosk surface, keep a distance between the scanner and the scan window in the kiosk surface. This way, the users have no confusion to find the suitable position for reading their ID documents—simply put the ID document near to the window will be done. 


The RT209 with decoder board and imager sensor built together.

This facilitate your integration work and it also has less possibility of damage thanks to its less connectors. 


Finally, the RT209 outstanding in above terms, but it also performance good for usual bar codes like QR code, Data matrix code and others codes.

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