Upgrade of the 2d scanner module: RT200


Recently, we released new version(Version 2) of the 2d scanner module: RT200, this new version has been improved in terms of  structure, illumination and decode performance, below in details:

2d scanner module

Version 1                                                                                 Version 2 (new)


1.   Different in the PIN position:

new RT200 imager

Version 1                                                                                 Version 2 (new)

2.   Improved the brightness and uniformity of the aiming lights;  improved the illumination light so as to improve the decode performance for reading barcode in dark environment and for reading bar code from long distance away.



After upgrade, the PIN definition and all of the protocol are exactly keep the same with before. So if you use the version 1 before then you can use the Version 2 directly and without change any protocol of your software.


2D-Lector-de-codigo-barras-OEM-RT200 2D-Lector-de-codigo-OEM-RT200 OEM-2D-Lector-de-codigo-RT200

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