For Ukraine customers -- About the destroyed / returned goods

Affected by the war in Ukraine, the goods to our Ukraine customers could not be delivered and were destroyed or returned. If destroyed, the cost of goods is lost, and how about our customers? they paid money but have not got products! if returned, there were returning shipping costs and customs fees, and when we resend the goods to customers, there will be one more shipping cost. Who should be in charge of these “extra” costs or losses?

In this case, the customer is innocent and should not bear the loss; The logistics company is not at fault and should not bear the loss, too; The insurance company does not bear the loss because it is force majeure.

As a supplier, the goods destroyed or returned not because of us, we also should not afford the “extra” costs or losses. But, we will!

We RTscan is a company whose core value is “To be Reliable and Trusted”, and we will afford the cost!
After the war, we will resend the goods to our customers for free.
This is our RTscan’ s attitude!

24 Apr 2022