Wall Mount Wiegand Barcode Scanner> NFC and 2D Barcode Scanner: RTMU86


NFC reader, barcode scanner, two-in-one scanner terminal, easy to be fixed & installed. This RTMU86 is a 2020 new generation Wiegand interface access control reader terminal for NFC cards and 2d QR and bar codes.

Wiegand, Ethernet, or RS485 interface. 

Easy installation and slim design, suitable for wall-mounted and access control use.

Customizable data output, programmed with some access controller panel.

With RTMU86, we can pick up data from long decoded data. For example, if a barcode includes information:  William zhang, 2345666677, ****224455555*.......... we can pick up number "34566667" or "23456666" or "5666677" from decoded information, and send it to the access controller.    


  • Capable to read both bar code and NFC card
    The RT-MU86 can read 1d code, 2d and QR bar code, and NFC card. This makes it a two-in-one terminal.
  • Support Ethernet or Wiegand (optional)
    Except for the USB (USB-HID) interface and RS232 interface, the RT-MU86 also supports Wiegand and Ethernet communication.
  • Holder design for easy installation
    Just fix the holder in the wall via 2 screws, then fix the reader in the holder and lock it by the screw from the bottom, done.
  • Built-in relay: With a Built-in relay and 12V-24V wide voltage input, the RTMU86 can connect to the access control system directly, and no need for Voltage conversion equipment.
  • Already tested with ZKteco and some other access controller panels.


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Wiegand Barcode Scanner solutions:


Most of the barcode scanners do not have Wiegand output. In addition, much often when we configure a barcode scanner with an access control panel,  we would meet these problems: 1. the output data are wrong–different from the original bar code content. 2. no output. These problems are usually because the data format does not match the requirements of the control panel. For example data length, ASCII, hex, or direct output data, with or without prefix/ suffix…

To solve the above problems, RTscan developed some solutions: RTWG01 Wiegand converters.

Via this RTWG01, we can easily customize the output data transferred to the access controller board. Data length, ASCII, hex, or direct output data, with or without prefix/ suffix… For example: if a barcode includes information: “William zhang, 2345666677, ****224455555*…” we can pick up number “34566667” or “23456666” or “5666677”…


We developed solutions for three types of 2d QR and barcode scanners:



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