RTSCAN_RT001 Module: WIFI & Ethernet & Bluetooth Kit For Barcode Scanner

RT001 is a network kit board for barcode scanner networking applications, allowing the USB interface barcode scanner to connect to the network through WIFI/Ethernet, and transmit to a cloud server through multiple protocols such as TCP, SSL, HTTP, MQTT. It also supports connection to the local devices via Bluetooth BLE and BLE-HID.

Functional block diagram


The RT001 module combines WIFI module + Ethernet module + USB HOST, the built-in relay can be used as a control board, which can directly control the opening and closing of the electromagnetic lock, and cooperate with the cloud access control system to saving installation and wiring costs, also shortening the time required for installation. It can be used for scanner data transmission, access control, docking cloud platform, IoT system, and many other areas.



    • Support multiple transmission methods
      • WIFI 2.4G
      • Ethernet
      • BLE 4.2
    • Support multiple protocols
      • TCP
      • SSL
      • HTTP/HTTPS
      • MQTT
    • USB HOST device
      • As a USB host device, it supports reading from USB HID and USB CDC devices
    • Built-in relay
      • Built-in relay, which can be controlled by sending instructions through the platform




Performance CPU 240M
RAM 520K
WIFI 802.11 b/g/n
Ethernet 802.3-2008 100Mbps
Bluetooth BLE 4.2
WIFI & Bluetooth Working Frequency 2.4G
Transmit Power WIFI +4dB,BLE +10dB
WIFI Transmission Distance 300m in open space
WIFI & Ethernet Supporting Protocols TCP,SSL,HTTP/HTTPS,MQTT
Output Method WIFI/Ethernet/BLE/BLEHID
Input Method USB HID,USB CDC


Dimensions 80*40*20mm
Operating Voltage 5v
Operating Current 240ma
Communication USB TYPE-C,RJ45,USBA
Environmental Operating Temperature -20-80℃
Humidity 5%-95% (non-condensing, Environment temperature 30℃)


Function description

  • Input Method

RT001 is a USB HOST device, which reads data from USB devices into the USB interface, and supports USB HID and USB CDC protocol devices. It reads the scanned data from the HID keyboard, HID mode scanner, USB convert to the serial port device, USB virtual serial mode scanner, and then pass-through to the server.


  • Output Method

RT001 can output to a remote server or mobile phone via WIFI, Ethernet, Bluetooth.


  • Supporting Protocols

RT001 supports multiple transmission protocols and can be transmitted to the server via TCP, SSL, HTTP/HTTPS, and MQTT.

TCP, standard socket communication, maintain a long connection with the server, pass-through the read USB device data to the server, and the server can also pass-through instructions to the USB device via this communication.

Supports SSL, TCP encrypted communication

HTTP/HTTPS, POST submits the read USB device data to the server.

MQTT supports any MQTT broker, the device subscribes and publishes a topic separately, pass-through the USB scanned data to the published topic, and pass-through the subscribe issued data to the USB device.



RT001 is mainly used for the wireless transmission of barcode scanners, change a traditional USB barcode scanner into a wireless (Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth) or Ethernet barcode scanner, which can be widely used for all kinds of Access control systems.