Lectores de codigo de barras > OEM lector de codigos RT203 

El RT203 es una nueva generación TTL OEM lectores de codigo de barras para codigos QR , codigos PDF417, codigos Data Matrix, codigos Aztec, MaxiCode ...Diseño pequeño y compacto para kioscos de autoservicio, POS terminal y otros terminals,  puede leer códigos de barras de las pantallas y de los teléfonos celulares.

  • OEM lector de codigos de barras 2d 
  • Diseño pequeño y compacto para kioscos de autoservicio, POS terminal y otros terminals
  • Es super sensitivo, veloz y con certera lectura
  • Especificaciones de interfaz: TTL;  USB-HID,USB-Virtual Com y RS232
  • Antiknock diseño: soportar cayó desde 1,5 m de altura al pavimento de cemento
  • Puede leer códigos de barras de las pantallas y de los teléfonos celulares
  • Leer codigos qr, Datamatrix, Aztec, PDF417, code39, code93....


  • Description
  • Tech Specs
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  • Lectores de codigo de barras > OEM lector de codigos RT203

    Readable most 1D barcode and 2D barcode such as QR code, PDF417 code, Data Matrix, Aztec Code, Maxicode... and readable either from LCD screen or from paper. 

    It's outstanding for the capacity to read almost all types code includes Aztec Code, MaxiCode; and also the capacity to capture image !

    With small size(split type) 31.7mmX12.2mmX12mm(LxHxD), so you can use it whatever your device is kiosk, ATM , lottery ticket terminal, medical device, or mobile terminal.

    The structure of the RT203 supports two mounting methods,:

    1. Two-in-one type, the decoder board and the imager are originally assembled as a whole on an L shape bracket and thus the user can just mount the whole bracket on the target device. The two-in-one type is easy for integration and is suitable for devices with enough space inside. 

    1. Split type:  the decoder board and the imager are separately mounted and are connected with an FFC cable. The split type is more flexible for integration and suits devices with smaller space inside.

    Product Name

      OEM 2d barcode scanner module RT203

    Dimensions (LxWxH)

    Scan head: 31.7mmX12.2mmX12mm(LxHxD)   

    Decoder board: 38mmX19mmX7.5mm 



    10 g



    Input Power

    5 VDC ± 10% @ 260 mA

    Operating Power

    2 W (400 mA @ 5 VDC)

    Light source

    Aimer: 617nm LED

    Host System Interfaces

    TTL level serial. Or if with 

    emulation kit: USB virtual COM, 

    USB HID-KBW, RS232

    LED class




    EN 55022,EN55024,EN 60950-1



    Operating Temperature

    0°C to 50°C

    Storage Temperature

    -40°C to 60°C 


    5% to 95% relative humidity, 



    withstand 1.0 m drops to concrete on 

    each of the faces

    Ambient light immunity

    Immune indoor light up to 1600 Lux

    and sunlight up to 86,000 Lux

    Scan Performance


    Scan Pattern

    Area Image

    Optical Resolution

    640*480 pixels

    Scan Angle


    Symbol Contrast

    25% minimum reflectance difference

    Roll, Pitch, Skew

    360, ±65°, ±60°

    Motion tolerance:

    Up to 25in. (63.5cm) per second

    Decode Capability

    1D: UPC\EAN with supplementals\ Bookland EAN\ ISSN\ UCC Coupon Extended Code\ Code 128\ GS1-128\ ISBT 128\ Code 39\ Code 39 Full ASCII\ Trioptic Code 39\ Code 32\ Code 93\ Code 11\ Matrix 2 of 5\ interleaved 2 of 5 Discrete 2 of 5\ Codabar\ MSI\ Chinese 2 of 5\ GSI DataBar Variants\ Korean 3 of 5\ ISBT Concat

    2D: PDF417, Micro PDF417, QR Code, Micro QR, DataMatrix, Aztec Code, Maxi code


    2 year/24 months factory warranty