DescriptionThermal paper, cash register paper, receipt roll, ticket roll, ATM paper, POS print paper
Size57mm*40mm, 57mm*50mm, 80mm*80mm,  37mm*50mm,  44mm*50mm; 80mm *70mm or as your request.
Weight50gsm, 52gsm, 55gsm, 58gsm, 62gsm, 70gsm, etc.
Core size12x18mm/18x22mm; 12×18mm, 18×25mm, etc.
MaterialPure wood pulp paper
BenefitPrinting clear, long-lasting non-fading, Not easy to stick to the printing head to prolong the life of the printer
Packing36000rolls - 42000rolls/20ft container (depends on the size)
MOQ1000 labels/roll, any other quantity is available