Today more and more kiosks come to our daily live,  and the kiosks indeed make many thing more easy and more convenient for us-- especially some kiosks which are very user friendly.

And for some kiosks, they need to do double sided ID image scanning or bank card double sides image scanning, but  they currently applied with a single side scanner, the users need to turn over their card to make the back side scan, this is a little time consuming and also makes the operation a little complex.

For this problem, we have a solution now: 

Whatever you are planning to produce kiosk with double sided scanner or you are producing kiosk with single side ID scanner, you can all consider to use our double sides ID image scanner now: the IDE400.


Benefits of the IDE400:


1.With kiosk embedded friendly designed :

The rectangle shape designed which helps to save Kiosk internal space and is easy to fix it; All around the surface is flat and can be easily and perfectly integrated into the kiosk terminal.


In the bottom of the scanner, there are 4 screw holes for the kiosk fixing use:

2.Good design to deal with the challenge of card-swallow in kiosk terminals:

When a user comes to a kiosk terminal to scans their ID document card by the embedded scanner, it is extreme troublesome that the document card gets stuck or swallowed by the scanner. The user will be quite unsatisfied and upset.
Some ID cards might be slightly deformed, some ID documents’ protective films damaged. All these may result in the kiosk swallows the ID document. In order to handle these challenges, the IDE400 scanner made the elaborate design as below:

A: The front, middle and back totally 3 groups and 6 rolling wheels, to make sure the scanner always has one rolling wheel can hold the card no matter where it is, and then it can return back the card easily.

B: The front, middle and back totally 4 groups and 8 checking sensors, to make sure the scanner can detect the exact card position no matter in which position it is.

C : We designed a capacitor inside the scanner which can provide power for the motors in a short time when power off accidentally, so if the power is turned off unexpectedly when the card goes in the scanner, the IDE400 can return the card outward forcibly (require 24v power supply, 24v power supply can ensure enough power for the capacitor so that it can provide enough strength  for the motors.)

If required, it can also be user-defined the “card-swallow” position by the software when the power is turned off unexpectedly, for example: it can be pushed backward or returned back forward, or it can be retained in the machine. Different banks have different regulations, it can be user-defined as requested.


D: Special circuit for manual returning card forcibly (This can be done as required, not default): there is a special circuit, when we short this circuit, the IDE400 scanner will return card forcibly no matter where it is.

E: Strong motor : IDE400 equipped with strong motor to make sure it can firmly hold the ID card and powerfully push the id card forward or backward.


Important tip:

Although we done many ways to avoid the id card/ bank card to be got stuck by the scanner, but when we design the kiosk, we need to "prepare" for the situation that in case the user's ID card get stuck inside the scanner. So we need to try to make the kiosk easy to be open (by trained people) and the scanner easy to be open for taking out the ID Card / bank card manually. A good design at the beginning helps a lot to avoid the possible "hurry" when card is "ate" by the kiosk!


3.Double sided one pass and color image scanning.

With a traditional single side scanner, the user will need to turn over the ID card to scan the back side of the card, this is not only time-consuming but also not user-friendly. But now with IDE400, one pass scan the double sides, this makes the kiosk more user-friendly. What’s more, it’s 300 dpi high resolution scanner, the image is good enough for OCR.


4.  24 Months / 2 years warranty:

Have not used the IDE400 before, and do worry if it’s good enough in quality ? We understand that ! So we provide 2 years warranty ! Within 2 years, if it is defective in hardware (after our remote check), we will repair it for free !  (not include the shipping fee customs fee).


5.Our price would be very attractive for you.


Weakness of the scanner:

1. Currently it without Window digital signature, so if you use Win8 or Win10, you will need to do some configuration of your computer to disable the digital signature (we provide the operation guide step by step).

2. We are hardware provider, and we don’t have OCR software and barcode decode software for the scanner. And we provide the SDK for the hardware so you can integrate the scanner with your software / system.

3. Its driver is not twain compliant.

If you are interested in this scanner, contact us now to get more detailed information:


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