OEM barcode Scanners

RTscan OEM barcode scanners includes:

RT200 is a 2d oem barcode scanner readable both 2d barcode and 1d barcode, readable either from paper or from LCD screen,suitable for all kinds of terminals and application.

RT220 with RT200 inside and with a small house added but with USB or RS232 output directly, its a fixed mount 2d oem barcode scanner which can be easily integrated inside your kiosk/ATM terminals. Both RT200 and RT220 support trigger modes: sensing mode, command mode, continuous mode.

RT207 is an ultra-small oem barcode scanner which especially suitable for embedded in small terminal like POS/PDA terminal. Also readable either from paper or from LCD screen. The RT207 support automatic reading mode, support continuously trigger mode and command trigger mode.

RT230H with RT207 inside, its a fixed mount oem barcode scanner, with fixed mount and with USB / RS232 interface.

All of them readable either from paper or from smart phone LCD screen.
All of them support automatic detect and reading barcode.
RT200/RT207 are scan engine with TTL interface, RT220/RT230H are fixed mount barcode scanner with USB/RS232 interface.
RT207 is the most small one.