2D Barcode Scanners/ 2d barcode Readers

RTscan 2d barcode scanners includes:

RT330 -- Long distance wireless 2d barcode scanner / reader.
RT300/ RT800P -- High resolution 2d barcode scanner / reader which readable big size and high density barcode, can be used for reading the big PDF417 code in ID card or driver’s license.
RT301 -- With same scan module of RT300, so also a high resolution 2d barcode scanner , but with kiosk embedded use design for integration use purpose.
RT350H -- With RT207 scan module inside, readable code either from paper or LCD screen, its 2d barcode scanner / reader for general purpose use.

RT220/RT230H -- Fixed mount 2d barcode scanners
RT200/RT207 -- OEM 2d barcode scanners modules for kiosk/ POS/PDA...terminals